Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hacking is definitely not as easy as shown in various movies, still there are thousands of newbies who wants to learn hacking for one or another reason but don’t know where to start from. So, below is a list of some website to start your journey.

list of various Ethical hacking Sites

Backtrack: Rating (5/5)
No need to introduce this software. If you have a little bit of experience in hacking then you must have heard about Backtrack. This website provide many hacking tutorials using Backtrack. Have there own Training programs, blog and large community. Backtrack is highly popular among Security Professional and many top certifications like CEH use backtrack for teaching penetration testing. If you are a Backtrack beginner then you must bookmark this website.
Backtrack- most popular penetration testing distribution
Hell bound hackers: Rating (4.5/5)
Hellbound Hackers is a security training website which covers large number of security topics like programming, Encryption, Cracking etc. HellBound is one of largest hacking teaching sites out there. No matter, beginner or expert HellBound hackers is a great learning ground for everyone.
Hellbound Hackers - A security training website
The HITB Network: Rating (4/5)
HITB Network provide you latest security news and happenings from the hacker underground.They have dedicated forums which are really helpful for asking security questions and discussions.
HITB Network provide you latest security news
Hack This Site: Rating (3/5)
Hack This SIte is one of the best to learn ethical hacking. Hack This Site offers you various challenges to test and sharpen your skills. They have a vast selection Of ethical hacking articles,list of various useful tools and one of the best forums for your any hacking related query.
Hack This Site is one the best for learning ethical hacking
Hackaday: Rating (3/5)
Hackaday provides you vast numer of tutorials to learn like android hacks, cellphone hacks etc and also serves you hacking related news. A really good website to learn ethical hacking.
learn hacking using various tutorials like cellphone hacks, android hacks
EvilZone: Rating (3/5)
Evilzone is another great forum, where you can learn everything related to hacking. You can find many hacking experts in this forum. EvilZone is one of the biggest security related forum, having 6898 Members and 21538 Posts in 3197 Topics.
Evilzone one of the most popular website to learn hacking
Go4expert: Rating (3/5)
Go4expert is a programming and seo Forum and as the name suggest it covers many tutorials based on programming and web development tips. Go4excepert is best for newbies who is looking for great way to start learning ethical hacking.
Learn hacking and web development from Go4expert
In this website you can find articles and interviews of various cyber security gurus. Giveaway, Books related to hacking, Information about surveys, Certification and much more.

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