Saturday, May 26, 2012

List of Free Online Scanners 2011

What do the titles mean?
Browser - Scans are done inside your browser. A plugin is usually needed in order for a scan to take place. You will be prompted to install the plugin before the scan starts. NOTE: Internet Explorer is needed to run 95% of these links. It is recommended to use IE for them all!
Single File - These sites allow you to upload one (1) file you find suspicious. Most of these sites have a limit on the size of the file allowed to be uploaded. Be sure to check and make sure you meet their requirements.
Single File - Multi - This simply means that there are multiple scanning engines used to scan your file/URL.
File Analysis - Here you can submit a Windows executable and receive an analysis report telling you what it does.
URL Scan - These sites scan URL's and inform you whether or not they're safe to visit.
Single File - Multi:
Single File:
URL Scan - Multi:
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