Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 Ways to use QR codes

What is QR code?
The QR Code stand for Quick Response Code, which is a two dimensional code. Lately QR code is becoming so popular among smart phone users and online marketing groups as it allows you to decode messages, URLs, location information at high speed without any typing.
Why QR code is better than Bar Codes?
  • QR codes can store large number of characters comparing to classic bar codes.
  • Square shape QR Codes dose not waste space and amount of characters dose not affect the size of the QR code.
  • QR code can handle errors in any case bar code is damages or covered.
  • Easy to decode the message.
  • (I think) QR codes looks more stylish and fancy comparing to the boring bar codes.
  • It is possible to add
What is the use of QR code? Usage of QR code?
Some of you might be excited about QR codes, Specially the marketing people.However, it is quite important to know the possibilities. How we can use QR codes to optimised our tasks. Specially it can save you time and effort typing information using a keyboard.
1. Used in Business Cards
Embed QR code into a business card with all your contact details will make it easy to add your contact information into a smart phone contact book. Simply scan the QR code and it will display the information embedded to the image.
2. Used in Email Signature
Why cant you add a QR code to your email signature where recipients can easily book mark your website from their smart phone or save your contact details.
3. Used in Twitter Backgrounds
Normally if you are adding a twitter background image you would like to add your logo, website URL or any other information. Simply add a QR code that can direct users to your website.
4. Send Phone numbers, Addresses, Locations or URL via email
When you are sending Address phone number or Location (Google Maps) via email do not forget to add it as QR code. Recipient can easily save it to their smart phone with a QR code reading app.
5. Used in online and offline catalogues.
If you have a printed product or service catalogue do not forget to add a QR code to direct people to buy now page url, information page url. If it is a online catalogue you can give QR code that can be used to book mark the URL.
6. Used in Profile Pictures (Facebook, Facebook fan page, Google+ Page)
You always want to have a fancy and professional looking profile picture for your social network account. Simply adding a QR code embedded with your website can give a extra advantage.
7. Website Contact Us Page or in Header or Footer
8. QR code can be used in Youtube videos.  
9. QR codes in Products

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