Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Protect your files and folders

Many of you might have faced this situation. Whenever you try hide some of your personal files or folders , your brother or your friend comes and says damn i never knew you had this file .

You will be thinking can't i have any privacy in ma pc. Yes , you can have all you have to do is simple.

1.First the basic way id to create a password for your user account . In this way you can stop others from accessing your account without knowing your password.

2. If you can't do that , there are many softwares available in the net . you can download and protect your files and folders . The steps will be explained below. Truecrypt and Safehouse are some of the best encryption tools which you can use.

These two work in a similar way only.Here i will explain the working of Safehuse.

1. First you download the software from the internet.(Links are given below) and install it your pc.
2. once you have finished installing it , create a new volume which will house your files and folders which you want to be encrypted.

3.  After that open your Explorer by pressing (win key + e) . you can see a new virtual drive. copy all the files and folders which you want to encrypt into it. goto safehouse explorer and select file and then close volume and you have encrypted all your files.

5. now if you want to access your files and folders just navigate to that houses your SafeHouse volumes and double-click the corresponding volume file to open it. Type the password and you should see all the files and folders under a virtual drive in Windows Explorer again..

note:delete the original contebt after copying it to the virtual drive in step 3 as anyone can access it since it is not password protected.


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