Monday, July 4, 2011

Wardriving with Android | Hacking Wifi networks with Android | Wifi Network Audit using Android | Wifu with android | Best wardriving applications on android

Hi friends.. I recently bought HTC wildfire and have been experimenting with it to the fullest. Wardriving with Android | Hacking Wifi networks with Android | Wifi Network Audit using Android | Wifu with android | Best wardriving applications on androidIts based on Android 2.2.1  Froyo and is unrootable till date using Unevoked, superoneclick root and z4root rooting applications, hence i am bit limited by the default manufacturer only functions. I nearly bricked my phone but it sprang back to life after some trys. On the topic though. I was actually quite interested in testing the wardriving capabilities of the device and hence on scrolling through the app market, I found some useful applications which I thought must share you with. Wardriving for me is a two step process -
  • scanning networks and analyzing them
  • breaking them if vulnerable. (WEP using generic packet capture, WPA using rainbow)
G-mon is a powerful WarDriving scanner and GSM / UMTS Netmonitor and drive test tool. It scans for all WiFi networks in range & saves the data with GPS coordinates into a file on your sd card. You can create a kml file for Google Earth. It shows you the encryption, channel an signal strength. It shows all APs in range in a live map. I used it to collect lots of wifi data which I will be publishing soon.

another fantastic wardriving app which stores scans in sqlite db on the sdcard and displays found networks around in the map.It Requires Google MAPS installed.

Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer
This app literally turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! It helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router and allows to audit networks.

Once you get networks, you can then break them into it using Aircrack and backtrack.  Its easy and worth its salt :) . Here is a slice of my wardriving logs while i was in DTC bus :D
BSSID;LAT;LON;SSID;Crypt;Beacon Interval;Connection Mode;Channel;RXL;Date;Time

at the end of the day, the moment that put a smile on my face was when i saw this as a network name near Delhi Cantt -
“You cant hack this Wifi dear neighbor”
It was a wpa2/psk secured network with static ip and mac filtering and the guy knew what he was doing :) Watching secured networks always makes my day.

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