Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wireless Reconnaissance in Practice

Kismet (stable, devel and newcore) 
Locate / Identify AP(s)
-BSSID, ESSID, Channel and Encryption
-GPS data
Locate / Identify Client(s)
-MAC Address
Perform Spectrum analysis
Drones / open-source WIPS

Aircrack-ng – Cracking WEP and WPA
-Suite of tools for wireless testing
-Mostly thought for wireless cracking
-Can also be used for wireless recon
-IE Airodump-ng

-All for the Win32 geeks.

Types Reconnaissance Data
Kismet-(stable|devel) – Txt, CSV, XML, GPS and pcap
Kismet-newcore – Txt, NetXML, GPS and pcap
Aircrack-ng – CSV, pcap, XML

Wireless Recon Visualization Tools
-Gpsmap (ancient)

Limitations of Visualization Tools
-None work with Kismet-newcore
-None work with Aircrack-ng
-Flexible representation of specific information (total flexibility in the generated graphs).

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