Monday, March 28, 2011

Insights of the CyberCrime World

Malware Trends
-High complexity of technology introduces higher number of fault (Hardware, Software)
-Proof of Concept, Exploit Codes, Vulnerabilities (Finding exploits in order to misuse them, making money!)
-Today's Malware (Organized in botnets, uses human vulnerabilities)
-Botnets (Money making operation by selling stolen credentials, renting out botnet services like DDoS, Adware installations, etc)
Anti-Malware Solutions
The decision about the detection of malware (adware, spyware, trojan, etc) can be troublesome. It can be difficult to give a reason why any software is malicious, unwanted or not useful. However, implementing detection mechanism can be rather easy but there is an exception to this rule. Additionally, there is always a need for the cooperation between AV companies to avoid ambiguous decisions. This can be established by introducing standards and best practices such as AVPD, ASC, AMTSO, etc.

Detection vs Decision in Terms of Malware
Malware Distribution Channels
Trojan or Normal Application?
-Uncompromising infection
-Make use of exploits
-Unattended, unsolicited installation
-Perform stealth activities
-Impact on system stability, security and integrity
-Obfuscated data
-Detection evasion mechanism

Normal Application
-The application itself isn't causing any harm
-EULA, the installation take place with user's consent
-The vendors disclaim involvement with the distribution channels

Vendors doesn't want their application to be detected
Final Outlook of the Malware
Legal and Problematic Issues
-Applications developed by well-established companies roll out with different affiliate distribution
model. Now, typically with botnet era?
-Mutual customers: those who want to use software and be protected at the same time.
-Other customers: those who never agree to install anything without their trustful consent.
-Uncontrolled open affiliate distribution model is unfeasible.
-Direct sponsorship for cybercrime activities.
-Once detected, these criminal groups are ready to fight even for the price of lawsuit.

Over the Past 4-years (according to Eset AV Press)
-20+ cases where the legal department has been involved
-Over 1150 hours and 530 employee interactions
-2006: 16 hours/month, 6 total interactions
-2009: 46 hours/month, 21 total interactions

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