Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Tools Name

Hackers tools a reference ! BEWARE !!


The following tools m gonna list now are some of the dangerous tools available on www, which may be used on u by an unethical hacker. I want you to be well aware of all the possibilities.

They are Free to download and it takes seconds to crush up personal computer if wired online, m not disclosing the links to these tools .

Lord PS
Lord PS is an editor that will create a password stealer/virus that emails you the passwords with tons of options, options may include taking over ur entire pc and disallowing u to access any of the files

Hosein PS v1.6
Does the same job with above with less options/features, another yahoo pass stealer

Fucker PS
This is a strong multi-password stealer that will grab passwords from all the most commonly used programs/services, msn, yahoo etc

JPS v1.8
Another password grabber/stealer - e mailer that is more focuced on Yahoo messenger

Demon PS v2.3
Yahoo messenger password stealer/mailer with anti virus kill options
and other system features

Tro messenger

The big Boss , used with Yahoo messenger lets u take over victims Pc

Many more exists,will be disclosing all of them
Even u can contribute

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